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Newsgasm 09 February 2013

Whan a great few weeks it’s been!  Just missed the snow by four hours as you guys were freezing, beck to a series of live dates and now back with a new Gasm.  And Man Flu.  Ten thousand views of my sketches and shows, since I started a couple of months ago. That’s more than most S4C programmes. Thank you all.  Here’s the latest Newsgasm, in which Chris Hune and David Cameron go to heaven …


Newsgasm 17 January 2013

M’dear darling hearts. I’m about to jet off on holiday while you suffer in the cold and snow.  You can rest assured that I’ll be thinking of you. Just not very much.

I couldn;t leave you without a dose of the ‘Gasm, your weekly(ish) topical news pod thing.  This week we feature the usual suspects, well suspect = Miss Brooks makes her triumphant return, and a nasty Nazi.  With Sxrabble and Star Wars, what can POSSIBLY go wrong?


See you in February, kittens, after I have been to Mauritius, and completes a speed awareness course.


Newsabulloo! 21 December 2012

In honour of the fact we haven;t all been vaporised by some angry Cancun hotel workers I’m happy to present the last video of the year, if not the planet.  No Newsgasm this week, but from its archives, an edition of its predecessor, Newsabuloo!  In this episode, Miss Brooks retires to the country, there is a snit at the BBC, and a salacios novel gets it very VERY wrong indeed.

Merry Christmas

Newsgasm 15 December 2012


Cutting off Justin Bieber in his prime and Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Italy … Topical News show from Dave Parton and Ruth Hine. Proudly not safe for work since 2012.  More of this sort of thing … er … here!


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